We are delighted to be exhibiting Sarah Needham  at Tower 42.

On the first floor lobby, Sarah’s work may be viewed which shows how her thought process  is engaged with the interconnected  effects of trade, people, place, story and memory on identity.  Using Indigo and other traditional pigments, Sarah creates abstract images which resonate with forgotten stories, creating spaces to remember. She creates small objects with iconic properties. The indigo series uses fair traded indigo as the pigment of choice. Both because of its amazing and slightly unpredictable capacity for colour variations and interaction with oil painting media and because of the  history of indigo in international trade which reaches back to classical times.

On the ground floor lobby Sarah is also exhibiting a piece called Lost Girl: Thames. Sarah’s focus has broadened into explorations of the role of memory and loss in the narrative of international trade in general and its relationship with London the place, people and culture in particular. Linking the personal to the cultural realm.

In the past Sarah started her work with a narrative and through the process of creating a single work, or a series of works that narrative is distilled. So what happens when the narrative is disappearing? When the central character of the story is experiencing a process of disintegration? There is a risk in that becoming the narrative itself. This is the theme of the Lost Girl series of works, and those using the Thames as an icon for the Lethe.

My current work is opperating in the space in between, creating space for stories and memories, and recording the stories of other people, stories related to place and economic and social change.

Sarah exhibits both in group show and projects throughout the UK.

The exhibition will run from 16th September 2017 until 16th January 2018 across the 1st floor and ground floor reception area at Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street, London, EC2N. All work on show are available to purchase. For further information please contact info@artful.org.uk or call 0208 702 8030.