ARTful are absolutely thrilled to announce that we will be exhibiting for the first time to the public, the enormous work by Sam Shendi from his new collection called ‘Giant’.

Known for his abstracted form and splashes of vibrant and bold colours, his new sculptures will not disappoint. Towering at just over 3 meters high, ‘Atlas Man’ and ‘The Bird Whisperer’ will fit into the windows of the iconic Berkeley Square House facade just nicely able to show themselves off in all their glory.

The majority of Sam’s work focuses on the human figure and the emotional impact on the body through the form and movement. As Sam’s practice has developed his sculptures have changed shape and the colours have altered depending on what he is trying to represent within the sculpture.

Sam’s work is minimalistic and yet harps back to classical sculpture therefore creating a unique marriage of contemporary work with a classical feel.

In this collection, Sam has simplified the human body in a different way from previous collections. This time, in way that the viewer can still recognise the human form.

The collection consists of three different sculptures (two of which will be displayed with ARTful) each one displaying a unique experience. Over the years Sam has realised the majority, if not all of us, go through these experiences.

Entitled, “The giant” collection, not by the size of the sculpture but by the immense experiences human beings go through, these moments could change and impact on our life hugely and effect who we are for the rest of our life.

The size of them impacts the statement, so that if you see them you have to stop and view them. Hopefully, the viewer makes a connection between themselves and the artwork. The colours describe memories. The birds represent the voices within our self. The figure is me, it is you, it’s all of us.

Sam’s intention hopes his sculptures connect with contemporary society and that they speak about experiences long before us, which society feels, people feel and in years to come people will continue to feel. It is those shared experiences that inspire Sam’s work.

These three sculptures are like one story. A story that has a beginning, a middle and an end.

Emotion is what drives us and it has a great impact on our body. As a sculptor Sam tries to capture these movements and freeze them into a moment in time. Creating a sculpture or a vessel that contains these emotions, presented in way that can have an impact on the space and most importantly the viewer.

Sam has worldwide recognition and collector and was the winner of theFIRST@108 Public Art Award 2013.

Both sculptures will be exhibited in September 2016. For any information contact

bird whisperer