Located of the corner of New Bond Street and Bruton Street, this picture perfect window has been the host to many art installations. Located in the most prominent and prestigious location, the exhibition space provides the ultimate platform to showcase and promote artists work.

So, New Year & New Art! and the latest installation placed in this Iconic building is’Duck & Cover’ by Schoony, a real show stopper kicking off 2016 with a bang!


On behalf of Mehtabell Projects, the large-scale sculpture of of a toy soldier dressed in army fatigue shorts and helmet the boy is monumental in size but poignantly vulnerable, crouched down and cowering, head in hands. The grand scale of this nostalgic toy from childhood captured in a state of vulnerability is a moving reminder of the traumas of war and its victims urging the viewer to consider if this boy represents the lost or future generation.


Not to be missed if you are passing, although we feel it’s hard not to notice this vibrant piece!

Duck & Cover will be on display in the window of Time & Life building, 1 Bruton Street, Mayfair.

For any sales enquiries or further information on the piece contact info@artful.org.uk

On display until July 2016.