ARTful had a long day yesterday overseeing the installation of some great sculptures including Introvert by Mehran Gharleghi from Studio INTGRATE and Nirvana Disk Courtesy of Hay Hill Gallery at 40 Portman Square.

We are thrilled to be showcasing INTROVERT, two stunning onyx light sculptures by Mehran Gharleghi. They have elegant presence whilst working in harmony within the reception area showing off their detailed beauty.

INTROVERT Onyx lamp explores the inversion of the inside and outside which can be seen in abundance in the architecture of the Middle East especially in the central court yard typology. The pieces deform this pattern onto their inner surface of the cracked stone to create an irregular three dimensional form. This pattern has been computed digitally, carved by advanced machines and later finished by hand. The solid piece of onyx has been hollowed out in order to place the LED light. The overall sculpture is made from two pieces.

IMG_4743 IMG_4158 IMG_4744 IMG_4163

While the lamp remains strictly simple in its outer surface, it breaks down into a complex three dimensional organisation which resembles the fragmented domes and ceiling within the vernacular architecture of the Middle East. Once again, it attempts to deform the base modules to produce a dynamic light affect. The light is comprised of two complex counterparts that combine to make a complete square section.

We are also proud to be displaying Nirvana Disk By Gianfranco Meggiatto  made from Bronze with gold galvanised brass. Gianfranco is an Italian sculptor who found his vocation at an early age, having featured in his first exhibition in his native Venice while still in his teens. He studied at the Isituto Statale d’Arte in his home city for five years before embarking on a career as a sculptor.

IMG_4169 IMG_4174 IMG_4152 IMG_4165

Influenced directly by his homeland, the fluid lines and reflective surfaces of the sculptures carry Venetian in their bronzed bones. Using the ’lost wax’ method, the artist creates sculpture that is preoccupied with void rather than surface. The end effect is of energy bristling in shimmering clouds, a sphere freeze-framed as it breaks through a window or a comet blazing through the atmosphere. His work promotes a contemplative approach to life, asking us to listen to the still small voice in the centre of the storm.

All pieces will be on display until July 2016 and can be viewed from street level or for a closer look by appointment.

For any sales enquiries or further information on any of the pieces please contact