We are delighted to introduce and welcome new artist Jake Oliver Fishman to our portfolio of artists. We came across Jake at the Other Art Fair back in 2014 and fell in love with his work, almost poetic in it’s presentation. We have been working closely with Jake and are excited to have him on board.

Jake Oliver Fishman is captivated by this dance between chaos and form. Participating in a Vipassana, one of India’s most ancient meditating technique prior to starting his paintings, Jake Pictures the dimensions of the piece he is about to work on, he gains an understanding of what he wants to create. The process of meditating and seeing how people interact with his work influences the development of new ideas and work.

Paintings are produced using black ink, white pigment, and clear carrier liquids to transport his inks across the acrylic glass he works on. The process begins with a structure being made for the acrylic glass to be laid on. Given the flexible nature of the glass, a landscape is created where hills and troughs dictate the initial flow of the inks, each time the glass being subtly adjusted to dictate the direction of flow. As well as inks being gradually layered on top of the painting, they are injected beneath the surface giving them ever greater depth. Paintings are left to dry for days or sometimes weeks until they have fully set. They are then finished with three coats of lacquer and polished.

Jake’s work is available to browse and buy directly through our website and as always, viewings can be arranged too!