ARTful  are proud to be collaborating with fellow AWAD member Artdog London at one of our corporate sites in Victoria. Showcasing Nathalie Maquet, we love how the reception has natuarally embraced the colours at 123 Buckingham Palace Road. Sitting comfortably as you enter the lobby, viewers are able to experience her creativity interacting with her notions and ideas of nature.


Nathalie is a contemporary French artist. In 2001 she completed a 4 year MSci in Mathematics at Imperial College London. In 2009 Nathalie moved from a successful career in finance to pursue creativity. She undertook a BA in Fine Art at City & Guilds of London Art School which she completed in 2012 and currently lives and works in London.

Nathalie’s  paintings are about sensations experienced outdoors, concentrating on landscape and light with all it’s variations. Viewers are invited into the imaginary, where they experience a fluid and vibrant world of light and colour. She enjoys exploring and working from different points of view both micro and macro.

For further information on any of Nathalie’s work contact or visit Art dog London