Art can be a timeless and positive addition to a home. It has the potential to bring energy, vibrancy and emotion to any room if you play your cards right! Incorporating art into your home however can seem impossible or a daunting task, not knowing where to start, or what to consider. Here we provide our ‘must do’s’ to help you make those first steps to introducing art into your chosen interior.

Pay attention to your heart!
When looking to buy art, make sure you follow your instinct and initial reactions. If a piece of artwork reaches out to you and you connect with it then don’t ignore it, enquire about it. Art is one of a kind, whether it’s a one off piece or part of a limited edition so once it’s gone it’s gone! Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time! So when bringing art into your home remember to settle with something that you personally love and that you will cherish forever.

19 - 3 - resized 600dpi copy - tower 42 - 4a

Photo courtesy of Despina Kyriacou who is a keen abstract photographer.

Set yourself some goals
Before beginning your search for your next statement piece, make sure to have a particular space within your room you wish you display your art and most importantly a budget. If you are working with an existing interior within your home, then you will need to consider your current colour scheme and furniture etc. Do you have a neutral coloured room with furniture? Maybe you could look to introduce some colour and playfulness with your chosen art or keep with the theme and look for neutrals and greys for an understated more luxurious feel. This all depends on the overall impression you’d like to bring to the chosen room and also your personality.

21) Venetia Norris, Mallows' Rhododendron, Collage- pencil rubbings, crayon and graphite on paper, artwork, 87 x 67cm, 2015 (image courtesy of the artist)

Photo courtesy of Venetia Norris who works with ink and graphite creating delicate & detailed work.

Embrace your curious side
Incorporating art into your home doesn’t always have to mean a picture in a frame. There are plenty of mixed media art pieces which include a combination of paints and materials even unused toys and items making up pieces of art. If you’re comfortable with it, make an effort to include new art mediums such as ceramics, sculptures, or even photography. When introducing art into a room with an open mind attitude, we may find the results to be inspiring. As Twyla Tharp once said ‘Art is the only way to run away without leaving home’


Image and artwork courtesy of Sandra Shashou who creates her work by breaking up some of Europe’s finest bone china tea cups, saucers and teapots and then re-arranges them intricately.

If this all still sounds a little too overwhelming for you then fear not! ARTful would love to hear from you and any project you may have in mind big or small! and would be happy to suggest some exciting pieces for your project,contact or call 0208 702 8030. Make sure you visit our online gallery for a selection of art work and our exhibitions page for upcoming news.