We are delighted to be exhibiting photography by Daniel Sambraus at Vintners Place, London.

Daniel is a German photographer and has been based in London since his photography studies at the London College of Communication in the mid-90s.

With a deep background in photojournalism and studio stock photography he has spent years concentrating on maximum detail and concentrated resolution.

Moving away from commercial photography, he is now more interested in the abstract aspects of the world around us, and its photographic representations. By focusing on a few elements of architecture and dissociating them from their surroundings, Daniel hopes to achieve a view similar to how the architect or city planner would have liked a spectator to see the building. Of course, that is pure assumption.

Abstraction can guide the viewer’s attention away from details to a bigger picture. To achieve this, he often uses movement blur, long exposure or creates repetitive patterns from his photographs.

The exhibition will run until November 2019 at Vintners Place, 68 Upper Thames Street, London, EC4V 3BJ. All work on show is available to purchase. For further information or to arrange an appointment to view contact info@artful.org.uk or call 0208 702 8030.