Christmas is always a good excuse to treat yourself to something special and with art you are guaranteed not only something you love but something that will inspire and will stay with you forever. Here we provide our guide on how to buy the perfect piece of art to complete a space or starting an art collection.

Explore your own taste

If you are interested in buying or collecting art, you don’t need to be an expert to take those first steps. Original art is very accessible and affordable to buy these days so take some time to research artist’s different types of art and styles to see what works and connects with you personally. Browse local galleries, art fairs and online galleries. The main thing to remember is that most people buy art because they fall in love with it.

Set a budget

Make sure you set yourself a budget. This will ensure you wont make an impulse buy and regret it later on.

Buy something you like

Art as we all know is very subjective, so ensure you follow your initial instinct. If you love it then the piece is for you. Don’t be fooled by the most collectable or trendiest piece, if you’re not 100% in love with the artwork, you will be living with it on your wall for years to come so buy what you are inspired to collect, not what everyone else has.

If you are buying art as a financial investment look for emerging artists that you think will be the next Van Gogh or Damien Hurst. This route can take quite a bit of research and time. Look through art newspapers, attend galleries, art fairs and upcoming shows to see who’s talking about which artists. Research their careers and where they have exhibited in the past whether it be in group or solo shows.

Types of Art- What to buy

As a general rule paintings and drawings are usually one-offs whilst a sculpture, screenprint, etching or silkscreen will normally be produced as a limited edition. Buying a limited edition print can add value to your purchase and can be a great place to start when buying your first piece of art. Always ensure the art is signed and authenticated. Edition numbers can vary between 5 to 300.

Take care of your art

Lastly and most importantly, ensure you take care of your art. The artist will always be the best person to ask about this as there will be factors to consider depending where the art is placed, such as protection against sunlight and dust.