Sophie Dickens Chinese Horse sits imposingly yet gracefully in the grand window of the Time & Life Building, 1 Bruton Street Mayfair.

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On behalf of Sladmore Contemporary, ARTful are showcasing work by Sophie Dickens. Her work as a sculptor is figurative, not conceptual, and she describes her subjects as ‘within the context of traditional art.’ Her inspiration comes from Michelangelo, ancient Greek tradition and the “dynamic” skills of photographer Eadward Muybridge, with an emphasis on muscularity and circular forms.

Anatomy and art history is brilliantly displayed in her work. Today she is able to weld metal rods like lyrical skeletal drawings and create a fluid technique using concave and convex forms of wood to evoke bone, muscle and sinew and make the complicated creative processes seem effortless.

A fine example of her work can be seen in ‘Chinese Horse’ which is on display until January 2016. For any enquiries contact or