Born in Bulgaria, Zheni Warner first came to England in her early 20’s. She studied Fine Art Painting at Norwich School of Art with Ed Middleditch and Derrick Greaves and later taught life drawing at Norwich School of Art. She has exhibited throughout the UK, including the Royal Academy and the Barbican Centre in London and the Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts; in Rouen and Carcassonne in France and the National Gallery in Sofia. Her paintings are in private collections in Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Hong Kong and Australia and in public collections in Bulgaria and the UK.

Zheni Warner is the daughter of the well known Bulgarian artist Violeta Maslarova widely accepted as the most painterly of Bulgarian artists, and like her she is known for her exuberant use of colour and subtle approach to surfaces and the rhythm of the painting. Critics have variously described her paintings as ‘having the colours of Rubens and the rhythms of Bartok’ and being like ‘aqueous jewels’.