Michael uses a variety of techniques and applications which include painting, airbrush, photography and digital collage. For Michael, it is important to have an open-minded approach to the creative process and not limit himself to one technique, application or medium. Experimenting is one of the highlights of the process as the effect of shapes and forms are arranged and brought together over interesting grounds to create space , movement and depth.

Michael always carries a sketch book with him so he can record and quickly scribble compositions and ideas that spring to mind. One thing he has discovered when working in an abstract style is that ideas can happen at any time. From the initial ideas, rough compositions and colour combinations Michael begins to play around with marks and shapes. He later introduces brush marks and other forms of textures such as mark making, photography and natural textures.

The digital element within Michael’s work is also a very important part of the whole process. Here the work is digitally enhanced and he is  able to fine tune colours to get them exactly right and manipulate and move marks and shapes to form eye catching and unusual compositions.