I am a photographer whom works mainly with a large format view camera for my Fine Art work. I use 5×4 colour transparency film and usually have my images scanned on a high end drum scanner and transferring these to a digital file format that can then be used for exhibition prints.

I studied Fine Art at Art School to which I specialised in photography in my final year of my degree course. I used photography as a means of expression and have been preoccupied with it ever since..

My work is about a visual exploration of subject matter that I see in nature, whether it is within a seascape or landscape. This vision becomes abstracted from its own reality just by the framing of the composition and selected subject matter.

My work can be said to depict a sense of scale that is ambiguous and two-dimensional. This notion of flattening a three-dimensional space may sometimes seem odd to the spectator or uneasy, nonetheless, time in this way cannot be measured and scale not easily identified..

Light and how this works within my compositions is an important element as I sometimes wait to see how it works itself around my chosen subject matter to the desired effect I waited for, this can sometimes take many hours until I am satisfied with the resulting effect.