Booth is a sculptor and painter. He enjoys the creative process and, in recognition of this, deliberately selects processes which require him to make decisions intuitively and instinctively, trusting, evaluating, disrupting, destroying and constructing. This immersive process consciously and unconsciously absorbs Booth during the creation of the work. Producing the aesthetic of organic movement, fluidity, repetition, layers. Booth exploits the philosophy of emergence in the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions; exploiting organic variance within an overall apparent repetition, selecting and discarding chance driven elements using wayward systems to create and challenge the work to emerge.

For Booth this keeps his personal practice vibrant, he thrives on producing a challenging response to material, space and context. Drawn towards repetition and multiples, creating movement and momentum. Booth draws on references to growth, journey, escape, time, combining with his transformative use of material also to reference re-invention, often exploiting the natural association of his chosen material to strengthen the context of the work.