FM World Magazine- Facilities Management News
June 2017 issue

Having installed artwork in corporate receptions for many years, today we were  thrilled to find our article on page 35 of June’s edition of FM World, a magazine that is close to our hearts here at ARTful. Read on for the full feature which offers good practical advice and some food for thought. We hope you find it useful

Art in the world of Facilities Management

The reception area is one of the most important spaces in any building. It creates that first impression for Tenants and their visitors. The reception area should not only be comfortable and inviting, but also be an interesting and uplifting space, which provides a long-lasting positive first impression.

Installing artwork can help you transform an otherwise bland reception area into an eye-catching and interesting space. This not only enhances the presentation of your front of house offering but can also assist with marketing of the property. By taking the time to consider the space, thinking about what it is you would like artwork to achieve, and knowing where to go to find the ideal pieces, you can turn any reception area into a uniquely inviting space.

Here ARTful provide 5 key points for Facilities Managers to consider when choosing and installing artwork to transform a reception area.

  • What are you trying to achieve?

Think beyond just hanging something on the wall and consider what you want the artwork to achieve in the available space. Are you looking to enhance the visitor’s experience? Are you searching for something that will spark conversation and provoke thought? Inject some refreshing positive energy or make a statement and add value to an organisations identity and ethos? Taking the time to consider the reception space and what you want the artwork achieve is the first step to choosing that perfectly complimentary piece of art.


  • Take time to consider your space

Reception areas come in varying shapes and sizes so it’s important to look at all areas that have the potential to welcome art. Where do you feel art can be introduced? Do you have a beautifully designed reception but with bare empty walls? Do you have void or unused areas? Introducing sculptures into the existing layout can tie the space back together and make it feel more welcoming and inviting.


  • Work with your building

Not only consider the architectural style of the property, but also the origins of the building itself, its tenants, it’s visitors, and it’s location. The building owner can sometimes also be a consideration as an increasing number of commercial properties are foreign owned and it is important to source art that will not cause offence.


  • Don’t forget logistics

In addition to being stylish, practical considerations should also be taken into account. For example, think about where the artwork will be placed. Will visitors have unimpeded access to the reception desk, and will all exits still remain clear at all times? This is especially important if you are thinking about installing a sculpture. If you are looking to hang artwork on a rotational basis then the installation of a suitable hanging system is a good idea. It will allow artwork to be rotated regularly without causing damage to the walls, and reduce the labour involved when installing new pieces.


  • Sourcing your ideal artwork

Choosing artwork is about so much more than just aesthetics and more about creating the right environment. Where Facilities Managers can struggle is finding that ideal piece of art to transform the reception area. Most Facilities Managers do not have the time to trawl through art fairs, visit endless galleries or arrange to meet the artists. Luckily, you don’t have to. This can be achieved by enlisting the help of an artwork advisory service who can assist you to source the right piece of artwork and help create the right image for your reception area.


The installation of artwork can be a positive and stimulating addition to your building which is what art in the world of Facilities Management is all about – allowing individuals to encounter art where they otherwise wouldn’t expect to do so and making a good first impression that creates a great lasting impression.

For any further information or if your are considering art within your corporate areas contact 0208 7028030